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Muscle tension headache is by far the most prevalent type of headache. It is often a component of some headaches diagnosed as migraine. The headache most often manifests itself in the temporal region, location of the jaw posturing (temporalis) muscle. Malocclusion can result in sustained muscle contraction leading to pain. 

Poor occlusion (bite) might result too from an injury to the head and neck or chin, from a whiplash injury, from an intubation for a general anesthesia, or from any dental treatments like orthodontics, fillings, crowns and bridges and even after a prophylactic (dental hygienist) care. Arthritis of the joint or any remodeling of it will cause a poor bite and a poor bite will cause a remodeling of your joints which might become painful. 

The bite can be a factor in many types of pain or functional problems because of the inter-relationship of the overall musculoskeletal system. Since there is a relationship between the teeth, jaw joints, head and neck muscles, and head posture, a problem in any one of these areas may affect others.