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Understanding TMJ/TMD

TMJ, although it has become almost a household word, is a non-specific, catch-all term for a variety of pain/dysfunction conditions of the head and neck. It was originally derived from Temporomandibular Joint, your jaw joints - once thought to be the source of most of these ailments. 

Today we know that there are many causes of head and neck problems that may or may not be related to the temporomandibular joint. For this reason, although not as widely familiar, most dentists use TMD (for Temporo Mandibular Disorders) or CFP (Cranio Facial Pain) to more accurately describe the condition. 

You may normally think of a number of your symptoms of TMD as being medical conditions. People simply are not in the habit of thinking of a dentist when seeking headache treatment. Unfortunately, many who suffer from TMD cannot find effective treatment. Patients have reported often consulting many physicians, only to find that no one has been able to help them; reason for which you ought to consult a TMJ/TMD expert dentist. For the Neuromuscular trained dentist, the success rate in curing tension headaches is at least 95%.